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Saturday, March 31, 2012

9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon.

Uploaded by BubbaLouis on Oct 25, 2006 - Pentagon admits $2.3 Trillion missing and Rumsfeld calls it a matter of "life and death."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aborted Babies Are Being Chopped Up And Sold

To Researchers All Over America With The Full Approval Of The Obama Administration
Did you know that aborted babies are being chopped up and sold to medical researchers all over America?  There is a federal law which is supposed to ban this practice, but it contains a gigantic loophole that abortion clinics are using to sell huge amounts of aborted baby parts to the scientific community.  The loophole in the federal law allows "reasonable payments associated with the transportation, implantation, processing, preservation, quality control, or storage of human fetal tissue."  But there are no guidelines as to what those "reasonable payments" should be and the Obama administration is not about to start prosecuting abortion clinics.  So aborted baby parts from American babies will continue to be very quietly sold for profit to medical researchers and most Americans will never hear anything about it.  But future generations will look back in horror at what we allowed to be done right under our noses.

With the full approval of the Obama administration, one company in the United States has plans to inject aborted baby brain cells into the eyes of patients to see if that will help improve their vision.  The following is from a recent article onLifeNews.com....
Scott Fischbach, the director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life uncovered the information showing a clinical trial approved by the Food and Drug Administration uses brain tissue from aborted unborn babies to treat macular degeneration. StemCells Inc. will inject fetal brain stem cells into the eyes of up to 16 patients to study the cells’ effect on vision.

As Fischbach correctly notes, a fetus must be at a certain stage of development before brain tissue can be harvested for this kind of research....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Are humans allowing the problem to evolve into a solution?

We had seen this sort of pictures since our grey matter begins to collect memories. This is the present predicament in the the human mindset created by faith in "evolution". We now can live, allowing not resolutions to conflicts and instead to let them go on in the path of "evolution" and to allow the process "Darwinism" to come up to its rescue, a "solution".

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Mar 11, 2012 - Israel says air strikes on Gaza will go on for as long as necessary. A 12-year-old boy was among those killed on Sunday. The generals would call it 'collateral damage'. His parents called him Ayub.In all, 18 people have died in three days of attacks.Al Jazeera's Paul Brennan reports from Gaza.


Bankers Outsmarted by Millions of Young Activists?
Uploaded by davidchilderley on Mar 10, 2012.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Malaysia's Pahang Killer Plant!

Uploaded by savemalaysia2011 on Jul 23, 2011 - For more information, please visit our website: http://www.savemalaysia.org or find out more from our Facebook group: Pahang Don't Need Hazardous Project