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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pencil found in rape victim

Staron line | By RASHITHA A. HAMID - Thursday April 22, 2010

GOMBAK: Doctors examining the 14-year-old orphan who claimed she was raped by a classmate last week were shocked to find that not only was she one-month pregnant but there was also a pencil in her private parts.

The girl, who lodged a report on Monday alleging she was raped by a classmate during recess at her school in Rawang last Tuesday, had complained of pain whenever she urinated.

The girl claimed she did not realise she had a 4cm-long pencil inside her until it was removed by doctors at the Selayang Hospital where she was hospitalised.

Gombak deputy OCPD Supt Rosly Hassan said this was not the first time the girl had been raped.

He said she had been sexually assaulted several times but had not told anyone about the other incidents.

“We believe that it could be a different person who raped her previously.”

He said police were questioning the girl and hoped to get more information to facilitate them in their investigations.

The assailant, who was detained at the school several hours after the girl lodged the report, has been remanded until April 26.

Supt Rosly said police had also detained six others, believed to be accomplices, for questioning.

He said the baby’s father could be identified through a DNA test after the baby was born.