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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The unstoppable BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is killing the earth!

If this engineer is right, this  is truly a scary scenario!  Here's  his story. 

"Heard your mention of the  oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico this morning, and you (and most  everyone else except maybe George Noory) are totally missing the boat on  how big and bad of a disaster this is.

First fact, the original  estimate was about 5,000 gallons of oil a day spilling into the ocean.  Now they're saying 200,000 gallons a day. That's over a million gallons  of crude oil a week!

I'm engineer with 25 y ears of experience. I've  worked on some big projects with big machines. Maybe that's why this  mess is so clear to me.

First, the BP platform was drilling for what they  call deep oil. They go out where the ocean is about 5,000 feet deep and  drill another 30,000 feet into the crust of the earth. This it right on  the edge of what human technology can do. Well, this time they hit a  pocket of oil at such high pressure that it burst all of their safety  valves all the way up to the drilling rig and then caused the rig to  explode and sink. Take a moment to grasp the import of that. The  pressure behind this oil is so high that it destroyed the maximum effort  of human science to contain it.

When the rig sank it flipped  over and landed on top of the drill hole some 5,000 feet under the  ocean.

Now they've got a hole in the ocean floor, 5,000 feet down with  a wrecked oil drilling rig sitting on top of is spewing 20 0,000  barrels of oil a day into the ocean. Take a moment and consider that,  will you!

First they have to get the oil rig off the hole to get at it in  order to try to cap it. Do you know the level of effort it will take to  move that wrecked oil rig, sitting under 5,000 feet of water? That  operation alone would take years and hundreds of millions to accomplish.  Then, how do you cap that hole in the muddy ocean floor? There just is  no way. No way.

The only piece of human technology that might address this is a  nuclear bomb. I'm not kidding. If they put a nuke down there in the  right spot it might seal up the hole. Nothing short of that will work.

If we can't cap that hole  that oil is going to destroy the oceans of the world. It only takes one  quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to  wildlife. Are you starting to get the magnitude of this?

We're so used to our  politicians creating false crises to fo rward their criminal agendas  that we aren't recognizing that we're staring straight into possibly the  greatest disaster mankind will ever see. Imagine what happens if that  oil keeps flowing until it destroys all life in the oceans of this  planet. Who knows how big of a reservoir of oil is down there.

Not to mention that the  oceans are critical to maintaining the proper oxygen level in the  atmosphere for human life.

We're humped.  Unless God steps in and  fixes this.   No human can.   You can be sure of that!

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