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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sticks and stones: the blogs of Oleg Kashin.

Oleg Kashin, a journalist for Kommersant newspaper, was brutally beaten in Moscow last weekend. Unknown assailants broke his jaw, legs and bent his fingers. He remains critically ill. Here we publish a selection of Kashin’s blog entries.
About the author
Mumin Shakirov is Liberty Radio journalist, writer and film director
"An end to impunity for crimes against journalists" — Kashin's friends and colleagues have for several days been picketing the Moscow  Department of Internal Affairs. Photo: Hegtor
As a generalist, Oleg Kashin covered almost any topic: the singer Zemfira, the director Nikita Mikhalkov, the Kremlin mores of the era of Stalin and Putin, the defenders of the Khimki forest, and politicians, from Gaidar to Chernomyrdin. His articles were published in Kommersant, both in the newspaper and separate blog. Kashin had a column in the Russian version of Forbes, and a full list of his articles and commentaries can be read on his two blogs on LiveJournal.com. His diverse and omnivorous activity complicates the work of investigators, who cannot understand for sure where the blow to Oleg Kashin came from.
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