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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WikiLeaks and the NWO - the role played by the MSM.

WikiLeads and the Cablegate, that had been the preoccupation of the global MSM (main-stream-medias). What ever role each had played either portraying Julian Assange as the hero or the villain - thats not relevant(*1), one thing for sure - this is relevant, the winners are the stake holders - in the pursuant and glory of the NWO. The winners are the neo-cons and Zionist Christians, headed by those in the White House and the Zionist Jews headed by those in the Knesset.

Many people are seeing the full force of American hands and power on Julian Assange as the conspiracy, bend into dragging him into a court and detention, cutting off his funding by stopping credit cards and cyber companies from collecting donations funding him, pressuring hosting companies into not hosting his sites. Thats looking inwardly into Julian Assange and the going ons. Nonetheless we should also look at the "cablegate" per se, what and how the leaks are released.

What is released, selectively and progressively, appeared to be notes akin to gossips from the diplomatic corps circles as one Malaysian beleaguered politician phrase it. The quality of the cables from the US embassies around the world were of low quality in terms of issues and how the issues were handled, to the extend that there one respectable man said that the cables revealed that the US diplomat mentality is infantile and the reflect the US diplomats retarded view of the world.  However the Israel and MSM took every opportunity to present to the world the Israeli and American foreign policy, what in the independent UK reporter called it "computer screen journalism". It only provide Julian Assange more credibility when VoA appeared to make Americans felt distasteful of Julian Assange using character assassination and another individual by ascribing the whole WikiLead operation is done by gays .

will continue later.

Let us now, see why :
1. The Zionist Jews connections -
Why nothing from Tel Aviv :

Selective released :

Omni truth

2. The lack of respects for the Muslims & Arabs public opinion -
Looking at leaders :

Pursuing aggressive agenda :

3. Intensified Cries for war on terror (read Islam) -
See MSM closing statement:
Proceeding with propaganda where Bush failed

Claw back on Labour's DW Miliband policy

Public opinion :

4. An opium to forget America & Europe financial woes -
Qualitative Easing (QE) :

Financial Attack on Euro :

5. and forgive financial terrorist -

Rejecting American Solutions to Europe's problems

(*1): This does not mean that I do not support free speech and liberty that should be accorded to Julian Assange just like anybody else. I do not agree and condone any ill treatment meted out on Julian Assange whether it psychological, social, economic (financial), political or physical.