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Friday, February 4, 2011

Who is setting the news agenda in the west?

The western main stream media (MSM) was attempting to use facebook messages & twitter to 'sell' the green revolution. MSM alledged that tweets &  facebook messages were coming from the crowds in the protest itself. Yet citizens of the world were not keen to 'buy' those news. They know that the MSM were acting to the fancies of their masters.

In the case of the 'burning man' and 'Egytian puppet' revolutions - tweets &  facebook messages were actually coming from the crowds there, yet the MSM were slow to react, of course the whole world knew that, it was working the bidding of their masters. The throne at stake belongs to the clients of the arrogant powers! So was the apparent lackadaisical MSM response, MSM do not dare to play an active role.

Thus the social media (SM) come to the rescue. But these SMs are also doing the MSM a favour and more vocal at it,as time passed by, such as the of naming the revolution as "pro democracy". Take off your straight jacket and throw away your narrow vision. To be precise let me name your one channel, American based is the main culprit - "Democracy Now". What democracy are these SM talking about? Wake up, "your democracy" is the problem - not the solution! Yes those revolutionaries want to choose their own leaders - that the democracy they wanted. They do not want "American Financial Capitalist Democracy". Look at the students and workers in Europe - they have taken to the streets in rejecting "American Financial Capitalist Democracy". Now get off your "pro-democracy" tirade - stop selling "American Financial Capitalist Democracy"... all of us know what those people in the protest want - to kick out those Foreign Leaders Lackeys - Mubarak and the likes out of their offices and get a more people friendly, concerned leaders.

29 January 2011 : Vyonne Ridley : Who is setting the news agenda in the west?
The disparity of the treatment of news stories in the western media and their so-called government propaganda are raising questions among the critical public which is becoming more aware of major stories through social networks and citizen journalism.

In this edition of The Agenda the question is: Who is setting the news agenda in the west?